This time... IT'S TIME!!!
It's never too late to go back to school and finish your degree. 

Graduate Tennessee is committed to helping adult learners and non-traditional students complete their certificate or degree programs. 

Funded by the Lumina Foundation, we are committed to helping adult learners and non-traditional students...just like you...get back on track and complete your certificate or degree program.

We're so sure you'll be successful, we've also committed to supporting you as you continue your education through an Associate's degre, and Bachelor's degree.

Who is an adult learner?

An adult learner is usually defined as someone having reached his or her 24th birthday.

Who is a non-traditional student?

A non-traditional student is:

  • A single parent
  • Employed full-time while enrolled
  • A part-time student
  • Financially independent of parents
  • Someone who has dependent(s) other than a spouse
  • Someone who has delayed enrollment into post-secondary education
  • Someone who has earned a G.E.D. instead of a high school diploma

Could this be you?

"My goal is for Tennessee to be the No. 1 location in the southeast for job growth, and having an educated workforce is a key element to our success."

                                                                                                  - Governor Bill Haslam

People with College Degrees Experience Less Unemployment

This chart breaks down unemployment (and underemployment) by education level. Unemployment is much lower for people with college degrees.

In adding 2010 data, another important distinction emerges. Notice that job loss in the recession was much worse for people with lower levels of education.

Finding and keeping a good job is almost always easier and you'll experience more success with a higher education level. 

College Graduates Find More Employment Opportunities

This chart outlines the employment rates of all Americans aged 23 and 24 (who are not in school).
College graduates in that age group are employed at much higher rates than non-college graduates.

Even people with some college are much better off in terms of employment. The chart also shows average income is much higher for college graduates.

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